I don’t know what’s the reason for that, but for the last few days someone with Windows 8.1 and what seems like the latest version of Chrome (at least that’s what the User-Agent string is telling) is messing up my homepage stats with hundreds of visits per day. Maybe it’s because jlelse.eu redirects there, which has a quite high Alexa rank and someone is scraping the site every few minutes? 🤔

@en Or a broken Microsub server ... 😬 (Maybe rate limit them?)

@jan @en checked ip abuse db?

Hope it's not mine 😅


@bekopharm @en That’s what I thought! Mine does scrape JL’s homepage—but not* every few minutes!—and then any newly published individual posts, so that bookmarks, etc. are correctly detected, too. (The homepage is limited to summaries.)

No idea what the user agent might be set to.

*I hope

@jan It’s a user agent with JavaScript enabled, because that’s what sends the page view to my statistics tool. And it’s just my homepage (jlelse.dev) and not the home page from my blog. I won’t rate limit though, my site is cached using BunnyCDN and as long as it doesn’t cause gigabytes of traffic, I’ll just let things as they are.

@en Ah, perfect. 😃 (Most analytics tools have a way to filter out "referrer spam," maybe you can do something similar for just this "user"?)

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