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"[Muse's new album, "Will of the People"] will be sold via the “eco-friendly” NFT platform Serenade."

Same band whose 6th album was named after the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which bears a song called "UNSUSTAINABLE"? Apparently sustainable enough for their cognitive dissonance.

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This is a good piece about how social networks based platforms such as #Facebook and #Twitter (who are hard to beat because of the network effect) can be challenged by new platforms such as #TikTok that don't rely on existing networks at all.

I feel there are a couple of lessons for the #Fediverse in there.

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Do you have Codeberg account?

Please boost if you are a programmer.

#GiveUpGithub #Codeberg #Programming

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“Wait, how you gonna earn badges and things if you’re not actually importing these from Untappd?”

I won’t. I don’t, and I don’t care. Your gamification leaves me stone cold.

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Pretty sure I saw it here first—can’t quite find it anymore. Anyhoo, heard it exactly once and it’s been stuck in my head for two days now, so here ya go:

(1) DCA into a broad, low-cost ETF, and (2) never look back.

‘Hoe zet u 25.000 euro spaargeld rendabel aan het werk?’

“Long words are funny” = “English has changed”

Kinda reminds me of, too.

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Ain’t German that’s weird. (Emphasis mine.)

> *English* is unusual in that even simple compounds made since the 18th century tend to be written in separate parts. This would be an error in other Germanic languages such as Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German and Dutch. However, this is merely an orthographic convention[.]

He “liked” one of my drawings, too, way back on Twitter.

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If there’s so much profit to be made, libertarians say, it won’t be long before more innovative competitors show up, like TikTok, and end the “monopoly.”

Wrong, the other party says (and I tend to agree). These giants can (and will) undercut (think Amazon) or simply gobble up (as Facebook did with Instagram) new players, and regulation *is* needed to create an *actually free* market.

Either way, would be cool if some of these f—kers were to implode all on their own, due to incompetence.

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Single strings (and numbers) are shown as such, everything else is either a (JSON) array or object, but still editable here.

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WordPress, by default, hides meta fields when their value’s an (associated) array. I don’t. JSON’s easier to read, and potentially edit, too, than serialized arrays.

Hearing Paper Girls is out. Loved the original comics, or rather, Cliff Chiang’s art.

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Worth saving not just because I’m somewhat of an IndieWeb enthusiast, but also in light of the discussion between free market fundamentalists and (more moderate) economists like Stiglitz on whether these “natural” quasi-monopolies ought to be broken up, or not.

> Facebook is trying to copy TikTok, but this strategy may well signal the end of these legacy platforms.


Stealing this for my feed reader’s entry previews. (I used to do something similar but it wasn’t nearly as clean—I think.)


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Mastodon gets a bad rep for how large some instances are.

Do you think the fediverse would exist without these large instances?

Unless you wrote your own server you'd have to join one or install one.

What do you think most people would do? Would you trust an instance operated by the project developer over one operated by some random person?

We can't expect #fediverse prosperity while perpetuating the notion that large instances are detrimental when they support migration and don't lock-in

Couldn’t remember at first, but it was Livewire acting up that prevented me to run Filament.

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I use my own site's search every day, mostly because the links I put here are useful very often. 🤩

For example, multiple resources about layout shifts (aka CLS in Core Web Vitals):

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