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Just installed #lynx and whoa, you terminal-savvy folks are onto something I swear.

This is so cool!

That said, we may have found a new ride for the missus.

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Not sure what the test was for. But: so I got a voucher from the tire purchase, and figured, I’m using it to get this spray-on “ceramic wax.” Because I can, right? Now the thing’s so darn shiny I can actually see the ginormous but somewhat shallow dent in the hood. Which got resprayed _less than two months ago_. And that is why you should never “invest” in a car.

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Got two new tires, too. (I know, I know. This is just a test, in fact.)


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Getting the Thanksgiving meal prepped for PHP 8.0.0 release day.

I still have to re-enable link preview cards on this site! *adds to to-do list*


Hacky, as it doesn’t play nice with automatically added—using Aperture’s API tokens—posts, among other things.


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Folks asking about WP version control when using page builders and what not: I have no clue. Bad design is what it is. (Go ahead and try VersionPress, I have zero experience with it.) I personally prefer to keep just data in a database, and store visual clues in template files, but who am I? (I know the two are often intertwined.)

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Now I don’t use Gutenberg—I let the Micropub plugin generate the necessary markup, or hand-code it inside WP Admin—because my site’s actual front end isn’t a WordPress app, but I do on this other blog of mine, where I’m also running github.com/janboddez/indieweb-, which registers just Note and Like CPTs and makes Micropub apply them. Very simple, extremely flexible.


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On microformats and Gutenberg. I’d been thinking about this before. I decided against Post Kinds back in the day precisely because a post’s type should simply be implied by its contents. And blocks are a solution for having to type out markup by hand, and you could use them for different custom post types—I do make the distinction between articles (regular posts) and notes (which are short updates without a title).


Could it be an option to limit sources to a single channel, at least through the UI? Sure. Make it a select menu. Make it possible to add a source from anywhere in the app, and override the current channel, if any, using the select box value. Make it editable after the fact, too. That could work. (I’m now using checkboxes to easily move or copy sources around, but I don’t think it’s 100% secure in multi-user environments. And it clutters up the UI.)

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I’m going to add this to my WordPress site. Push a notification to my Microsub reader whenever I receive a comment/mention. Not because I wasn’t at all hating on it just now, but because I can.

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I did read someone mention their webmentions ending up in their Microsub reader, tho. Maybe I should try that. I mean, that’s what the channel API keys are for, right? Try having your reader do that! *decides to try and love channels*

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