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Just to reiterate in relation to Gab getting hacked, I’m not aware of any vulnerabilities in Mastodon at the moment and based on what I have seen in their code modifications the vulnerabilities they have are the ones they themselves introduced (along with never porting security patches from us)

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An oddly specific lie for a site that sets a cookie as soon as you land on the page.

Bookmarked interconnected.org/home/2021/0.

In which the author comments on an article titled, “How I heat my home by mining crypto currencies.”

> [The] intrinsic value, the useful work achieved, in no way justifies the disproportionately huge heat and carbon expenditure.

Reminds me of that lecture on CHP I once attended.


Was wondering why my OPML-to-blogroll syncing didn’t quite behave as intended. Turns out I had this old filter (`sync_opml_blogroll_feeds`) hook in place, still, to allow for more than one OPML endpoint. (That’s right, I’m moving all of my feeds, again.)


So, I found a bug in Sendinblue’s plugin that disables sending more than one attachment with transactional emails.

Yes, my Git config was publicly viewable. But, the whole site’s on GitHub.

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Got this "vulnerability report" about one of my sites and I thought I'd bite, but it turned out to be not very substantial.

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So, uh, I guess now I did. (TIL: do not try to make way and let someone pass when you can’t tell for sure where exactly the road ends.)

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Figured, like last year, I would not need winter tires. 🤔

Learned about HTML Purifier’s “Allowed” (rather than “AllowedElements”) setting, and that PicoFeed strips empty HTML tags by default. Anyway, entries that contain tables now look good!


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