@ru That would be possible, but kind of goes against what other people do.

@chris Oh, wait. Looks like it is in fact dynamic. In that case, I might take another look. Been looking for a sort of “pre-made” Laravel CMS, though. Ended up settling for … WordPress. 🙃

@chris Not yet. Mr. McDade’s designs are awesome. His politics … not so much. (I mean, not that it matters, I think. I use M$ products all the time, after all.) But, more importantly, I’m becoming increasingly fond of _dynamic_ sites.

They came and “fixed”—LOL, not—it last week.

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@jle @wouter Like, my current feed reader doesn’t really do Micropub and I kinda miss it, especially on the desktop. (On mobile, not so much, because I can just long-press any URL to send it over to Indigenous/IndiePass, i.e., a separate Micropub app, and add a quick note and hit “Submit.”)

@jle One benefit (or burden, it really depends) of Microsub could be the explicit server/client split. (I kind of prefer “integrated” _web_ apps, so I don’t really care for it.) The other is that most clients—there’s maybe three or four of them, but whatever—are also _Micropub_ clients, so you can react to a post (e.g., create a reply on your site [and have it “webmention” the post’s author]) with two clicks or so. @wouter

@jle Love it for posting quick quotes/bookmarks and short replies, too. (In my case, I much prefer Indigenous/IndiePass over WorPress’s “official” app. Like, it lets me set syndication targets! 😄) @wouter

@lkhrs (Spent the whole evening working on yet another PESOS plugin. Pixelfed’s API quirks are … interesting.) @ru

@lkhrs Oh, I see. I have a couple homegrown WordPress plugins do my crossposting. @ru

@lkhrs You could totally syndicate elsewhere without Webmention support? @ru

In reply to deeden.co.uk/notes/2022/05/18/.

Hehe. What I do is file a million tiny GitHub issues, like, during lunch breaks and stuff, ~~to revisit later~~ and then totally forget about them.


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Getting pretty good mileage out of this 9.5-year-old 3 Series (318d Touring, approx. 140 hp). About 4.5–5 l/100 km, or some 22 kmpl. Long distances at steady speeds help. 😅 (Can’t say fuel prices really bother me. At all.)

Note to self: I don’t think Pixelfed’s API supports revoking access tokens, or a `since_id` parameter (like, when getting the most recent statuses).


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Email: multiple times a day
RSS: multiple times a day
Micro.blog: never
Mastodon: multiple times a day
Twitter: I'll browse a few known profiles (all while logged out, I don't maintain an active presence); but, a few times a week?
Facebook: never
TikTok: never

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Poll: (be honest!) how often do you check…


Responses and boosts appreciated.

Nothing like a quick look out the window and being greeted by all that green.

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Ik merk dat het inmiddels weer begint op te drogen hier. Jammer. 80 tot 90% van de posts in mijn tijdlijn zijn inmiddels afkomstig van Twitter-redirects.

> Weaver’s Iron Law of Blockchain: _When somebody says you can solve X with blockchain, they don’t understand X, and you can ignore them._



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