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(yeah, they're all awful platforms, hold your nose and choose one though IG doesn't thread past years and Twitter has DMCA'd the 2017 one 😠)

(I know there’s better text editors and what not. That’s not the point I was making.)

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I obviously know about FrontPage and Dreamweaver (and Flash), but I kinda went from MS Word to Notepad, and then Notepad++ and VS Code. Used to just write static HTML for the longest time. And “procedural” PHP. Loved “web standards,” back in the day, and HTML5 when it first came around. Started using WordPress only after Zeldman had made the switch. No surprise I’m not too big on “modern” web development. (I’ve never owned a Mac, either.)

@jrtashjian If just to avoid vendor lock-in. Yeah, I’m all for more end-user control and uniquely personal websites and such (and even like “designing” in Gutenberg). But then I also like extremely tight control over markup and styles. 😄

@jrtashjian I mean, I essentially get to hand-code entire sites without having to worry about navigation states or pagination! Who wouldn’t love that? Until you somehow need comments or (trackbacks or) webmentions. Or ActivityPub. Well, you can do search, using a third-party search provider or JavaScript index, but ...

@jrtashjian I’ve used SSGs for smallish sites and they’re incredibly cool. I’ve been wanting to use one on my own site, but just can’t justify the effort. I want to be able to receive and send out webmentions, like every time I publish a post, and without the need for a 3rd-party service. I need a database for that. Or an incredibly convoluted “static” solution. If the goal really is “speed,” then NGINX will do. Or WP Super Cache.

Bookmarked wptavern.com/matt-mullenweg-cl.

Also, and I hate to say this, comparing page load times for a static site on the one hand and WordPress + a page caching plugin on the other makes little sense. In both cases, you’re loading static HTML.

> You can achieve the same performance by putting a great CDN like Cloudflare on top of WordPress, and your life will be infinitely easier when you want to add dynamic features like a store or comments.


Bookmarked wptavern.com/gutenbergs-custom.

It is time to consider some standards on design-related class names and provide a framework that all themes can use.


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What if you could upgrade your apps without interrupting them because there was a separate display layer and business logic layer

oh shit i just invented the web again

Anyway, if you’ve got both a h-feed and an RSS feed—you’ve probably got more than one, which is great—for pretty much the same items, and they’re both reasonably error-free and understandable, I’m gonna follow the h-feed. (There’s occasional errors in my microformatted HTML, too, which I’ll then rectify, and so on. It’s sort of unavoidable and no biggie.)


@nathand (I’m a lot like that, pragmatic. I also don’t get why everything should be measured, or monetized. Also, having a site of one’s own, however crappy it might be, is super cool.)

Then again, I still wouldn't know. I don't track or keep stats. (I also don't have book that I wanna sell, or newsletter subscriptions, or a Patreon account, so it all checks out!)

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I mean, I wonder if ... I used to use Jetpack, to POSSE to Twitter. Then created my own plugin—“Share on Mastodon” actually had Twitter support, a million years ago. So, I wonder if other plugins allow for crossposting complete, threaded notes. Maybe if I had a Twitter plugin and talked about that, someone would actually visit my blog. 😀

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Should one day illustrate how I'm using the filter hooks in wordpress.org/plugins/share-on to create (full-text toots and) threaded replies.

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Bookmarked: jlelse.blog/links/2020/04/nitt.

> [I]t is a shame that the developer community is so focused on Twitter. Instead of homepage domains you see Twitter usernames[.]


@nathand What? I always liked that avatar. It's just different enough from the rest of them. (Should try and dig up my old, hand-drawn profile image, although I'm kind of afraid it's gone.)

@pauho Here's that issue, by the way, and the "Set as default" checkbox: github.com/swentel/indigenous-.
Again, if you glanced over it, it's still possible to get your previously added account to show up (and make it default), but the whole process is rather counter-intuitive.

@pauho (Just replicated this. It's confusing as hell, but ultimately works. That is, again, if you were previously able to sign in okay.)

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