Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just post on Mastodon and have my toots imported in , using a CPT, perhaps? (Wait, I already can! github.com/janboddez/import-fr)

This is very good. I use custom fields all the time, although I tend to build custom meta boxes—a few lines of code, really—rather that use the “native” UI. (Have never touched ACF; the Meta Box plugin, yes, for certain, more advanced field types and when deadlines were tight.)

“How to Use Native Custom Fields in WordPress (and 5 Useful Examples)” css-tricks.com/use-custom-fiel

Want to create a modern, block-based, -compatible site. (Thing is, a lot of “IndieWeb” posts are created _outside_ of its [block] editor, i.e., through Micropub. [That’s not to say carefully crafted long-form posts can’t be, e.g., “replies.” They can.] The other thing is I don’t really like WordPress’s autogenerated markup/classes, etc. Athough there’s definitely things that can be done about that, too.)

Spent an hour or two writing a (basic) WordPress plugin that consumes “audio scrobbles,” like those sent to Last.fm. So rather than (share my data with a third-party service and then) use their API to display a widget or whatever on my blog, my CMS _itself_ is now the “audio scrobbling” endpoint.


Playing around with location/weather data on my personal site. Simple Location would be overkill, so I’m going just add the bits I need to my IndieWeb Custom Post Types plugin.

TIL that Yoast overrides core ’s inline link popover in order to add `nofollow`/`sponsored` toggles. All us folk now need is for someone to do the exact same but add a `class` input field, so we can add `u-*` classes without having to constantly fight the block editor.

TIL it’s super easy to modify Press This’s default content, without having to know a ton of JavaScript. petermolnar.net/article/press-

TIL there’s a Hide Admin Bar plugin for WordPress! Well, you don’t need it. Just disable the admin bar in your user settings. (This is especially true for single-user installs.)


_is_ slow, though. Luckily, that doesn’t actually matter if you’re anyway going to cache pages to static HTML and serve that. Just saying.

So, I found a bug in Sendinblue’s plugin that disables sending more than one attachment with transactional emails.

Dangit, I’ve always liked Contact Form 7 (over other such plugins). Saw one blog comment attackers could upload executable binaries, and now I’m wondering how they’d execute those. Thinking they mean PHP portal scripts or whatever they’re called. (Which wouldn’t do much [?] if you’ve disabled PHP in the uploads folder.) Bit worried about the fact that the patched version requires 5.4 or up. What with sites that run older versions (that otherwise receive minor core updates, still)?

I very much like the fact that the different “mainstream” IndieWeb plugins exist separately. That way, I can install only what I need—IndieAuth and Micropub.


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