> All users, when possible, should get a basic “minimum functionality” as part of the HTML file. Then, you can progressively layer in enhancements through your CSS and JavaScript.

> If the CSS or JS fail, the user still gets a usable, albeit less flashy, experience.



Seeing "Photo was not tagged with any alt text" as the default alt text on Pixelfed kind of worries me. Better provide an empty alt tag, no? I'm not a screen reader user, but I wouldn't want to hear this a million times over.

Bookmarked a11yproject.com/posts/title-at.

> HTML title attributes are often perceived as an accessibility (and SEO) bonus, but the opposite is true.


Bookmarked: sarahmhigley.com/writing/whats.

> While an improperly added name is a step up from a missing one, it will often give the illusion of accessibility while masking an underlying problem that remains unaddressed.



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