Nothing like a quick look out the window and being greeted by all that green.

No, I don’t really like WP’s “traditional” meta boxes styles, either. (Plus, getting a bit busy, here. Maybe I should consolidate them?) Also, would y’all at least consider fixing these dang scrollbars, _please_?

Some 12–14 years ago, I started my first and only (and, obviously, _still_ unfinished) oil painting, ever.

Well, that was fun.

Was expecting a photo, got this (in my stupid feed reader, I mean).

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‘Hoge middenklasse’, no surprise there.

> Gisteren deze visual in de krant gezien en waar zitten jullie?

Of course, the screw holes—which I had to fill and re-drill in both (!) the body and tailpiece—are off by a tiny bit, causing the screws to slightly deform the paint, still. Sigh. (Anyhow, Ima call this a win. Huge improvement.)

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Not a whole lot of progress on the other one. We’ll manage, I guess.

Anyway, gotta go back to painting the hallway!

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Some folks retrofit their Eko with a “Gibson” Tune-O-Matic bridge. 🙂 Not sure if it’ll intonate; we’ll find out, I guess.

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Went for it, and … there’s blotches and scratches and dust specks. Might try again, but: this *is* a sixty-year-old guitar, and it’s looking a hell of a lot better than before. (Did I mention I got a Hohner Organetta, too? Lost quite some color over the last sixty-four or so years, but still goes well enough with the Telecaster.) 🙂

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