Which one is better?

A Microsub reader.

A feed aggregator and reader (and Microsub server).


Kinda just went for it with thinned down nail polish. Doesn’t look too horrible from the right angle.

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My feed reader, current status. Just because. Still runs on just about any hosting environment, still supports h-feeds. No Micropub, yet. (Well, Micropub works. Interface still missing.)


A more minimal “just-an-RSS-reader” approach I can live with just fine, for now.

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I don’t generally like displaying articles inside a “box” like this, but they _do_ give you something to attach “extra” information to, like the bookmark icon and URL here. Just might have to copy this approach over to the new app.

I, uh, built a thing. Know it’s ugly, still. It’s a traditional RSS reader … that supports Microformats feeds and—for now, at least—IndieAuth. And there will be a Microsub-compatible API. (The web app itself isn’t Microsub-driven.) Runs on nearly any shared hosting environment.


What that looks like (in Windows, unfortunately)? If there's one thing I'm proud of, it's the tidiness of my WordPress admin interface.

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New joystick, button blank where the extra hole used to be. Not perfect, but better.


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