What that looks like (in Windows, unfortunately)? If there's one thing I'm proud of, it's the tidiness of my WordPress admin interface.

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New joystick, button blank where the extra hole used to be. Not perfect, but better.


Meanwhile, scanned and cleaned up the sound adjustment instruction sheet that can be found inside, ’cause I felt like it. Also found a complete manual online, in PDF format.


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Just added a tiny new feature to “Share on Mastodon.” After a post is published, the meta box will now display a link to the corresponding Mastodon status. There’s also the possibility to forget the Mastodon URL, allowing anyone to _again_ share their post (the next time it’s updated). Fun fact: this isn’t new per se, but previously required fiddling with a hidden custom field.

New version’s not in the WordPress repo, yet. I’ll try to push it tomorrow or so.


Also. (No kidding. These things are pretty good, actually.)

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It only took me just over three years to change the crazy worn tires on this thing.

Coffee would come out everywhere except were it should. (I.e., success.)

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And again ... (I'm talking about the 103-ish unread items in the "Development" channel, by the way. And no, Jan-Lukas is not to blame. Just happens to be the top entry in the "Unread" channel.) 🙂 Not sure why, though. The affected posts don't seem to have changed URLs. Also not sure why folks include all of their posts in their feeds rather than the most recent posts only.

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Just added support for syndication targets—well, for replies and bookmarks only—to my “social reader.”


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