Turning this mockup of a CO₂ measurement visualization into HTML and SVG, I needed to draw part of a circle. Stumbled upon pretty much this. codepen.io/janboddez/pen/jOmXj

Successfully ported it to PHP, looks like we’re good to go.


I like the added functionality of my feed aggregator’s “native” web client, and miss the Micropub goodness of my age-old Microsub reader. Glad to see the two of them “just work” together, though!

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Meanwhile, my feed reader’s import and export function just works.

Speaking of having `u-photo` adjacent to `e-content` rather than inside it, I use—unless I forget, of course—a similar approach to provide context to RSS subscribers but not to h-feed followers.

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Twee voor de prijs van één. En motorolie, en bandenspanning.

Here’s what that looks like right now, by the way. Regular ole’ feed reader that supports IndieAuth, h-feed (and Atom and RSS and all that), Microformats, (user-configurable) web scraping, Microsub (well, partially), Micropub (behind a switch) and WebSub (for now), and is 99% translatable.


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Kinda just went for it with thinned down nail polish. Doesn’t look too horrible from the right angle.

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My feed reader, current status. Just because. Still runs on just about any hosting environment, still supports h-feeds. No Micropub, yet. (Well, Micropub works. Interface still missing.)


A more minimal “just-an-RSS-reader” approach I can live with just fine, for now.

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