Don’t try this at home, but IndieWeb Custom Post Types now has to option to add a most basic “IndieWeb” Gutenberg block as well as add microformats to any theme _that supports the Full-Site Editor_. Also, the CPTs themselves (and any feed changes, and so on) have become entirely optional. The plugin also comes with the option to enable Webmention (but does not [yet] display webmentions on the front end).


Why does it say both “pagina's” (with a straight apostrophe) and “pagina’s” (with the curly variant)? Pick one and stick with it.

Also, “plugin bestand editor”? A “spatiefout” if I ever saw one. What’s wrong with “pluginbestandseditor”? (A: Nothing. They call this the “English disease,” too, because English is, uhm, the only [Germanic] language in which longish compounds actually contain spaces. Although “plugineditor” would work, too, and … has a better sound to it?

In other words, how do we get from the first image to the second? (A: It’s easy, but we’ve got to override the `core/social-link` block’s render callback. Again.)

(I obviously didn’t apply any CSS or colors, yet.)

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I’ve restructured things a bit a little while ago, so that most of what this little plugin does, can be disabled, too.

I do think I should have notes just use `post_tag`, though, rather than a new “note tag” taxonomy.

And rename the plugin. Like, once the CPTs are configurable, too. Like, some folks might prefer (just) post formats, or something. As long as the microformats are there, none of that matters (except maybe for feeds to decide if they should display a title or not).

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Spent my weekend working on the back door a bit—part of the frame had fallen victim to moisture and woodworm. Carefully chiseled away and replaced the broken bits.

Then, in the afternoon, I swapped a breaker box, a chore that comes with an inherent deadline—can’t say, “I’ll finish up tomorrow!” and have all of your food go bad. Took longer than expected, but we got there in the end.

Totes forgot about these horribly lo-fi clip-on lenses

Been playing with ’s much overlooked Post Formats a bit.

Now, I don’t *need* Post Formats to style my notes (i.e., hide titles etc.). I’m already using a Custom Post Type.

(Why? Because I like to have separate menus/screens for my notes and likes. Makes for a tidier admin interface.)

I’m really going to have to address my auto-tagging “listens.” Right now, I’m running a small mu-plugin that tries to match songs against the MusicBrainz database, all while I have mostly correct genre information in my own, albeit outdated, “music database.”


What a difference a day makes. (Not sorry for the crappy photo, this ain’t my photo blog.)

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Figured if I removed some bushes beside the big tree there …

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WordPress, by default, hides meta fields when their value’s an (associated) array. I don’t. JSON’s easier to read, and potentially edit, too, than serialized arrays.

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