@m2m Most if not all WordPress themes did once support mf1.

With classic themes, yes, it’s most definitely possible to add common microformats, including mf2. A few people have done it, myself included (through child themes, or directly).

Now, while the Full Site Editor and block themes mean we’ve got take a rather different approach, it certainly isn’t impossible: github.com/janboddez/tt2-mf2. @barrysampson


@m2m Still, I feel WP core and its “default themes” (or any starter themes from Automattic and the like) could do a lot more to make this easier (or directly add mf2 themselves, which is what @ton suggests).

This is where I’m less hopeful. I just learned the “starter theme of all starter themes” had their support for mf1 *removed* in 2018. (And there’s indeed no trace of them in, say, Twenty Twenty-Two.) @barrysampson

@m2m (The other thing is, the current “IndieWeb” plugins are sort of confusing. Plus, and that’s kind of the issue: microformats are *theme territory*. And *then* there’s these plugins, Webmention easily being the most important one.

If we could get themes to “just work,” then it’d be a matter of installing just the Webmention plugin and off you go. Instant, meaningful site-to-site conversations.)

@ton Interestingly, comments still support microformats.org/wiki/hcard (using the default TT2 theme, at least). 🙃 @m2m

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