Quick reminder: WordPress has had (limited) microformats support since just about forever. The new “block” (FSE) themes, like Twenty Twenty-Two, not so much. This is a regression.

> WordPress respects the hAtom microformat. Therefore every post has an `.hentry` class added to it to respect the specification.




Guess I only just learned that Automattic’s Underscores starter theme had them removed some … 4 years ago.


At least they were there 2014–2018. Guess it’s more important building a visual editor that can hopefully one day outcompete Wix’s and Squarespace’s, and merge _that_ into core.

I’ll consider ClassicPress the day it runs on a current PHP version. (They can then start porting the non-Gutenberg backlog.)

Now, to move my “other” blog to this child theme, and keep maintaining it for the time being, and *back to work* on my own tiny CMS. (I’ve also wanted to check out Known, just to see if/what I can learn from it.)

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