Stupid thought: we have always had trackbacks/pingbacks (and then disabled them, ’cause spam/for security reasons).

And although they’re generally not that useful (there’s no “support” for replies, likes, etc.) most WordPress themes support microformats1 just fine.

We _were_ 80% there. (Okay, more like 75%.)

“WordPress+IndieWeb as the OS of the Open Social Web”

The real improvement is microformats2 (actual post types, yay!) and the Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks plugins (and the like), so that these site-to-site interactions, which themselves aren’t very new, can be displayed much better/clearer.

Rather than implement that last 20%, or 25%, we killed pingbacks and moved our conversations to a single, closed-off site. And created a *huge* moderation problem. The “spam” (trolling, disinformation, and such) is still there, but we ourselves cannot control it (and Twitter can’t either).

Either way, adding microformats2 to *themes* is *incredibly easy*—mf1 are already in nearly every theme!—and (through the default themes) and Automattic/ThemeShaper *should* take the lead.

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