Hoping to update my “IndieWeb plugin” with basic block support. Fixing core would be even better.

Either way, themes will need to update, too.


Come to think of it, while the most flexible block-based approach that won't eat your microformats classes is obviously a Custom HTML block, a Markdown block, for those that have Jetpack installed, *may* work, too.

Oh, nevermind, the JS parser supports CommonMark, and not, unlike its PHP counterpart for the Classic Editor, MarkdownExtra (which *does* support adding a class attribute to things like links).

Why blocks won't cut it: you still need themes to add, e.g., `p-name` to titles. And `e-content` to the post content (≠ the post as a whole). In fact, most WP themes already label content `entry-content`, so it's as simple as adding a second class.

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