Made an IndieAuth and Micropub (and Webmention) server, like a “headless CMS.” (I don’t wanna actually make a CMS. Won’t do nothing WordPress doesn’t already do better. Probably still will, though. Would be cool if the front end were completely static.)

Stole the colors from Backpack for Laravel.

I normally try to stay away from CSS frameworks and the like, but I might actually use (some of) Bulma here, just to speed things up. I can lay out columns and menus on my own just fine, but forms and the like are going to require some utility classes anyway, so why reinvent the wheel? Might just steal some of its CSS, though, rather than stick with predefined class names and stuff. We’ll see.

Why don’t I just use a Micropub client? I don’t know, I don’t generally like the ones that are available. I just like Micropub because it means I can use a native mobile client without having to actually program my own. When it comes to a web client, though, I prefer something I can tweak.

Why not fork Quill, then, like I did with Monocle? Because I don’t necessarily like the server-client separation. I’ve ditched my Monocle variant for an integrated reader, after all. Why have two server-side apps communicate using JSON when they can directly talk to the same SQL database (and thus be merged into one)? Simplicity and speed and fewer dependencies over (largely theoretical, still) interoperability, I guess.

I mean, no, it’s far from ready (and I’m meaning to give Bolt a try, too, but I couldn’t readily install it on my Windows machine).

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