Q: Do you have language filtering on? Or are my Dutch ramblings annoying y’all like crazy?

Trying to figure out if I should “merge” these two online “identities” of mine.

@jan I do have it on but it doesn't seem to exclude posts in other languages. Not even with the new language selection dropdown...

@jan (probably doesn't exclude them if you follow someone?)

@jan "When checked, only posts in selected languages will be displayed in public timelines"

So that's that.

Personally I don't mind the occasional toot in another language. Easy to scroll past. When it's too many though...

@ru @jan FWIW, I have language filtering turned on, and tend to indefinitely mute authors of posts in langages I can't read when they show up in my TL unless I know they usually post in English.

I find the wall of unreadable text visually jarring, and don't have the spoons for the extra step of translation.

@jan If you do merge your two accounts, feel free to DM me so I don't auto-mute when I see the Dutch.

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