Nope, not at all. Don’t even have a Twitter account.

> Some middleware seems necessary? For example, I had to give a service called Bridgy access to my Twitter[.]


Bridgy is a _tool_. Monitors Twitter for backlinks to your site, then lets you know about them (through Webmention, coincidentally).

It’s _absolutely not_ a requirement for running your own website (or accepting webmentions).

I accept webmentions. My Webmention endpoint is a script that’ll look for `target` and `source` GET parameters, validates and stores them. That’s it. That’s what Webmention is.

Yes, it’ll also attempt to download and parse the page at the `source` URL. And I may even display some of that information underneath my actual post. There’s so much cool stuff you can use your personal website for! And a few people have built a number of services to get you going, but let’s not conflate those with the actual thing here.

Like, WordPress plugins. You don’t _need_ plugins. Plugins are just PHP code. Most of them do way more than you actually need, and then break stuff along the way. I run my own Webmention plugin, which is essentially one file. Bam, no more need for Semantic Linkbacks, just like that. Off that list, I use _only_ IndieAuth and Micropub, but only because I prefer my phone’s Micropub app over WordPress’s Android app (well, and because I use IndieAuth to sign in to a couple other services). That’s it.

If you’re perfectly happy with your feed reader, fine. Forget Microsub. Seriously. One less reason, too, for you to need an IndieAuth endpoint. Like your CMS and the app it ships with? Good, you officially don’t need Micropub (which is, like, an API for posting to your site).

Scratch your _own_ itch. No need for “solutions” to “problems” you hadn’t even heard of until just now. Not yet, at least.

All you need is not to depend on the likes of Facebook for your online presence.

Getting kinda sick of just the term “IndieWeb,” honestly. I just have a personal website. And I wish more folks would have one, so I can follow them via RSS instead of some stupid social media site.

Not sick, tired. And I’m a huge fan of Webmention and microformats (which are, like, a means of making web pages more machine-friendly without having to resort to yet another format beside HTML).

Honestly, I think both WordPress’s REST API functions and Laravel’s `Request` methods make me forget sometimes.

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