Here’s why I like dynamic sites so much:
* Easy search forms
* Same but for contact forms
* I can accept, process and send webmentions, just like that
* I can manipulate images, right there on the server

All without the need for JavaScript trickery or third-party services. All on a dead-simple, €5/month shared hosting account.

And I still can contact third-party services, like weather or location APIs, and cache responses in a database or wherever, and provide robust fallbacks.

(I can of course also parse RSS, accept and handle other HTTP requests, and run pretty much anything PHP supports. Or your language of choice, though I think PHP is pretty much a given on any cheap web host. And I can *still* cache most pages to static HTML, so that visitors don’t have to suffer.)

@jan With the exception for the paragraph on JavaScript and monthly cost, there was a time when people got excited about those very things. But that was for different reasons based on a different recent history. :)

@jan yeah most of these are all things I miss after going static

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