Good. Huge fan, still, (of WordPress as a _content management system_, not necessarily its “Full Site Editor”) but the last thing we need is a near-monopoly, or growth for the sake of it.

> For the first time in WordPress’ nearly 19-year history, the software’s usage stats are showing signs of declining market share.


@jan Maybe this is a sign that people want something more like the simple blogging platform I set up back in 2008 called WordPress, not this thing with this weird editor called Gutenberg.

If they do manage to screw up WordPress as a blogging platform, I hope someone forks it the same way Matt Mullenweg forked b2/cafelog. I still think there's room for the simple blogging platform I set up in 2008. I still believe in blogging in general, I don't know why it's declining.

@skquinn Yes, that’s the idea behind ClassicPress. Not sure they’re able to keep the momentum going, though. There’s a bunch of plugins already that have become incompatible and require extra code to work. Not quite user friendly, either. (But it’s worth following up on.)

@jan I didn't even know this existed until now. Does Jetpack work with it? I have a blog that depends extensively on Jetpack galleries and I do use the statistics feature as well.

@skquinn It doesn’t, although I’ve been able to extract bits and pieces of it into a standalone plugin. Also, there are Jetpack alternatives (Toolbox comes to mind, although I’m not sure if it’s supported). Plus, no one knows how long ClassicPress will be around for. Might be easier, for now, to just stick with the Classic Editor/Widgets plugins.

@skquinn Wouldn’t be surprised if the stats function depends on the connection with If so, that would be off the table. (Analytics would be the least of my worries, though. There’s plenty alternatives—Matomo, Plausible.)

@jan I'll dump WP's built-in stats if I really have to. I agree that analytics is a pretty minor problem all things considered. It's frustrating that I even have to switch at all; the better way to handle this would have been for Automattic to fork Gutenberg-WP into a new product and left the original as is.

@skquinn ‘We need Gutenberg to prevent folks from going to Squarespace!’
*rushes to get Gutenberg in, only to watch folks leave for Squarespace*

I kid, of course. It’s impossible to draw real conclusions from these numbers.

But I surely couldn’t care less about—which really shouldn’t be allowed to use “WordPress” in its domain name—or Automattic’s sales numbers.

@jan Neither do I, but I do care about my blog still working without a massive overhaul if I switch to ClassicPress. I mean, if I'm going to have to go back and edit years' worth of posts, I may as well just convert to Pelican and figure out some other solution for statistics.

I guess if I'm really feeling the need, I can try it on a test server and see what happens.

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