Why is it so much easier to define a whole new block than add `class` support to Gutenberg’s inline link editor?

Considering a dummy paragraph class, custom field or taxonomy (after all), which when present would trigger a `the_content` filter to add the appropriate class to the first link it encounters—if it isn’t already there.

Was thinking Jetpack’s Markdown block might support [a link]({.u-bookmark-of}, but alas. (ParseDown Extra does that stuff, but there’s no actively developed WP plugin for it. And it wouldn’t work with Gutenberg anyway.) The “Custom HTML” block might be your best bet.

@jan It wasn't designed with flexibility in mind. It was designed around a specific workflow.

@nathand There's a million blocks with a thousand settings each, but the simplest thing doesn't work. Also, I kinda remember why I hated WYSIWYG editors so much.

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