Moved three sites to the new hosting environment. Installed Docker for Windows.

One of ’em suddenly got slow as heck; switched from Redis to file-based caching, all good now. (Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Then again, this is shared hosting, not a VPS, let alone dedicated HW.)

Although I occasionally dabble in Docker (and use a somewhat proper Valet setup for most of my WordPress stuff), nearly all my “development” consists of just hacking away on “build” sites like this. Later changes mostly happen in VS Code, where I’ll have PHPCS running to clean up things and help me find the most obvious flaws. Most of my “testing” is just that: static analysis/linting, and actually using the things I’m building. And lots of debug logging.


Kinda happy with that workflow, at least for smallish projects—might be why I like to split things up in bite-sized chunks (AKA “abstract away” the real nasty, ugly code in a separate file, class or package).

(Anyway, sites that _work_ ≫ “developer experience,” or dedicated server woes.)

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