This is very good. I use custom fields all the time, although I tend to build custom meta boxes—a few lines of code, really—rather that use the “native” UI. (Have never touched ACF; the Meta Box plugin, yes, for certain, more advanced field types and when deadlines were tight.)

“How to Use Native Custom Fields in WordPress (and 5 Useful Examples)”


You’ll never be able to replace ’em all with blocks, either. I mean, things like subheadings, yes. But a checkbox that determines if a post should be crossposted to Twitter or Mastodon or whatever? You’re going to put that in a “block”? Thought blocks were bits of content, not “meant to hold metadata for the _whole post_.”

“Pull quotes,” way back, I would neither store in “custom fields” or “blocks.” I’d wrap the bit of text I wanted to highlight in a `span` with a `pullquote` class and have JavaScript use that to duplicate it into a left‑ or right-aligned `blockquote`. (Pretty sure I got that from a seventeen-year-old A List Apart article or so.) No duplicate content in the source and all! (Seriously, this must’ve been before ARIA roles and what not.)

(Or CSS-Tricks! 😄 No, seriously, I actually remember now, it was 456 Berea Street, which is mentioned at the bottom; the page itself seems gone, tho.)

I used to read all the web design blogs. Zeldman, Stopdesign, Mezzoblue, Veerle’s Blog. Remember when Smashing Magazine first came about and its articles were often—sometimes rightfully so—dismissed as little more than link lists with clickbaity titles (“17 Free Fonts You Should Be Using Right Now” or whatever). Heck, I remember Vitaly’s fonts posts on the personal blog that came before it.

(I had a lot of spare time in university! Heck, I’m still just an amateur. My day job has absolutely nothing to do with programming, or design. Started side-gigging as a web developer only five years ago.)

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