Interesting. I follow, via RSS of course, exactly one Medium blog that’s now gone CAPTCHA on my feed aggregator (or rather, cURL). Maybe they should clarify, like, “We’ve found you’re using a machine to try and download a feed intended for machines.” No? *unfollows*


(It’s not my server being rate limited. Same thing happens with command-line cURL from, e.g., my Pi at home. In fact, it’s not just feeds but HTML pages, too. Seems they somehow upped their Cloudflare “protection” level.)

(I mean, they might really be under attack. Maybe I should give it a couple days.)

@jan and they should use something better than cloudflare :P

@sexybiggetje Hehe, probably, although I use them, too. (I mean, I’m just a hobbyist with limited time and resources. I’ll think about it! One day.)

They literally centralise the internet to a single point of failure. And they've proven multiple times to break the internet. If you're on mastodon that hardly rhymz with using cloudflare. Just saying 😂

@sexybiggetje I know. (They cache/serve this instance’s media requests, though, which for me means cheaper [€0, actually, for now] storage. 😃)

@jan my webhoster sometimes blocks reqeuests for the rss files based on the request header. E.g. because Google Reader no longer exists, they block anything that asks for my feed that says it is Google Reader (which some feed readers actually do it turns out). I've had micropub requests fail on my site, because the hoster tried to shove a 'not a bot test' in between, making the micorpub request fail.

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