Had a quick look at the new(er) Invoice Ninja (self-hosted!); not feeling it. Anyone out there know of a decent alternative? (InvoicePlane?) Need (highly) customizable templates and (local, preferably) PDF generation that works. PHP preferred.


This year Ima finally roll my own! (I think.) Gonna just enter customer info through phpMyAdmin or so, and most of the (dompdf) template will be hardcoded, and there will be a dead-simple Create/Edit Invoice screen with a single form and three lines of JS to add extra rows (and reorder them). And Ima store invoice items in a JSON column, yeah. And there will be Duplicate button. And CSV export, for tax stuff and all. And automatically generated “structured messages,” for easier payment tracking.

And that’s it. No funky i18n, no VAT/sales tax, no foreign currencies, no coupons or nothing.

Duplicate should probably mean: fetch the original invoice and fill all fields with its details, then grab the latest ID from the database and add 1 to it (but don’t store anything, yet).


Saving invoices/PDFs works. Next up: emailing, then payment tracking, which I kind of forget about. Have two months before the Invoice Ninja fee is due, let’s see if we can make it. Otherwise, might have to wait another year, and look into running it locally or on a domain of its own (because of PHP versions and such).

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