That’s what I’ve been doing, too, and it makes total sense. IndieWeb parsers, after all, will gladly determine a post’s type _from its actual markup_.

> Notes will replace all of these taxonomies[.] I’ll keep my [likes] separate, however.


If I replied to your article, by means of an image post (with one or several `u-photo`s in it), would that be a “photo,” or a “reply”? (Per the algo, it’d be a reply, and that’s fine—for feed reader apps—but my followers might very well expect it to sit among my “photo” posts.) Get rid of arbitrary distinctions, I say!

Note that h-feed readers treat photo posts _weird_! They typically strip the photo(s) from the content (and consider [rest of] the `e-content` the photo’s/photos’ caption)!

Here’s how you deal with that:
(1) Do *not* label every single image in an otherwise “normal” post with a `class="u-photo"` attribute.
(2) Avoid referring to “the image on the left/above/below” or similar. Readers will *probably not* respect image placement.
(3) Try moving your _actual `u-photo` image_ out of `e-content` …

… but (obviously) keep it inside `h-entry`.

If you happen to do (3), by the way, and treat `e-content` as a caption of sorts, (1) and (2) are likely okay as well.

Not sure what (typically) happens to “image replies”—not sure if any exist! I’d say readers would still place the photo front and center, with all of the post’s text underneath (or above, who knows). And then above all that, they’d display the reply-to URL.

But, what if I’m replying to _several posts at once_? A: As far as I know, Monocle’ll show only one URL—I know my reader does—but I could be wrong. Make sure the `e-content` is clear as to what exactly your replying to! (In all other cases …

… I try to keep my “reply context” _out of_ `e-content`, precisely because I don’t want to bother h-feed followers with “duplicate information.” (Well, not all cases perhaps. I’ve written long-form replies—“articles,” if it weren’t for the `u-reply-to` deep inside the post content—for instance. There’s no rule, by the way, that says replies can’t have a title or anything like that. When they do, they’ll typically show like articles, but with that reply-to URL displayed above. Nice.)

It’s precisely because this mixing and matching of microformats is possible, and fun (although it’s good to be aware of the “treatment” of, e.g., `u-photo`), that trying to fit every single one of your posts into one of many narrowly defined categories makes little sense. There’s no need.

(That’s one messy thread. Should make it a blog post, and fix some typos/inaccuracies. If I haven’t already written about this. I think I have. A few dozen times, probably.)

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