Moving more and more of my feed reader’s functionality into separate plugins, which can be (de)activated on the fly. So far, I’ve got: `checkin-maps`, `custom-css`, `micropub` (in progress, but low prio), `microsub`, `notifications`, `opml`, `reading-time`, `scraper`, `tags`, and `websub` (in progress, but … low prio).


Some these add new columns to existing (entries, feeds) tables, which obviously results in a lot of NULLs. Might not be an issue per se, but I was looking into separate tables + somehow adding the necessary LEFT JOINs in (like, by making all queries filterable or something). Could simply use a Custom Fields/Meta package, too (there’s several for Laravel).


I mean, I already use a filter/action hooks package rather than Laravel’s built-in events/model observers. Might as well go all the way.

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