@jan Interesting! I didn't know it requires a "stack" just to read stuff. Reading Stefan's post, it looks like "stacks" are used to hoard instead of read. 200 saved articles? Geez. Yet another inbox to maintain...

@wouter Well, turns out my “stack” isn’t really a stack at all, although one would almost always need a feed aggregator _and_ a read-it-later app. (Like, there’s some overlap, but the latter typically supports scraping and authentication and what not.) I was able to ditch one but still need to pipe “reads” (or “saves,” or whatever) through my CMS. I mean, I don’t technically have to, it just happens to be somewhat more convenient because of my existing setup.

@wouter And if you’d given up on feeds altogether, like I’m guessing most people have, then just Pocket, which comes sorta pre-integrated with Firefox, would probably do. 😄

@jan I try to use RSS where I can but I don't have a digital "read it later" system. I drown in countless of papers on a usual workday so don't feel like drowning again after work.

@wouter Totally understand. I don't subscribe to news sites for exactly that reason, and simply mark anything I'm not immediately interested in as read just to get it out of the "Unread" queue.

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