This. I’m not a software engineer, either. (Well, I’m not _active_ in IndieWeb spaces, like, at all, but I have implemented and am greatly enjoying some of the typical “IndieWeb” building bricks. They’re open protocols, after all.)

> I am fairly active in IndieWeb spaces and I disagree with others in these spaces all the time.


@jan woah, where did you dig that out? Some hilarious comments on that strain 😂

@bekopharm I appreciate the skepticism but I think the fatalism is the main reason that people just don't care about privacy as they think there's nothing anyone can do anyway. Oh well. :( @jan

@obsolete29 @jan I'd say, and you can quote me on that, we live in an influencer world where real people look fake.

And thus everything is and everyone must be this. A fake.

(Or sponsored by Google 😂 )

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