Added a job to my feed aggregator/Microsub server that quickly validates mf2 media, i.e., the URLs that end up in entries’ `photo` and `video` arrays, by means of a HEAD request. If the server returns a 404 (or similar), the URL is probably faulty (e.g., the result of a misplaced `u-photo` tag), and the item removed from the list. No more (well, definitely less) “broken images” below posts!


Now to (optionally) stop X-Ray from removing these images from the post content (for select feeds and such).

Meanwhile, I’m adding autogenerated poster images to (certain) videos. Bit of a (resource-heavy) gimmick, perhaps, as `preload="metadata"` on the client side works _almost_ as well (and doesn’t require FFmpeg to be installed on the server).

Should definitely make this optional. Probably shouldn't use it without Redis queuing, either. Takes a little over 3 seconds _per video_ to grab and save a frame.


Added a basic lightbox, too. Very nice.

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