Meanwhile, my feed reader’s import and export function just works.

The XPath selectors are the magic behind the software’s scraping function (e.g., for summary-only feeds).

Ima have to revisit exports, in fact, as I just moved web scraping to a plugin of its own.

"Plugins," for now, are just local Composer/Laravel packages that come prepacked with the app but don't auto-register, so that they can be enabled/disabled from within the app.

Got way less code in the main app folder this way, and don't need to stick all this "extra" functionality behind `.env` constants.


The filter system (much like WordPress’s) allows me to do the weirdest/coolest things, like send cookies along with (otherwise strictly normal) HTTP requests, so that I can pull paid articles (of sites I’m subscribed to) straight into my RSS reader.

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