Speaking of having `u-photo` adjacent to `e-content` rather than inside it, I use—unless I forget, of course—a similar approach to provide context to RSS subscribers but not to h-feed followers.

When I was younger, `i` was on its way out, and carried no more of a semantic meaning than `span`. Glad they brought it back, though.

Why show the URL and not the page title? Because it’s simpler this way!

Could’ve made it a little more clear that that is a WordPress textarea, i.e., post content, field. I use Jetpack’s Markdown module (okay, well, perhaps not on this site, but it works all the same) and since it’s based on michelf.ca/projects/php-markdo, `markdown="1"` just works, as long as (!) you don’t switch to the Visual Editor and back. (This is all Classic Editor, still.)

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