Got reminded of my own /feeds page today. This site only offers 3 “true” RSS feeds: one for regular blog posts (articles), one for shorter status updates (notes), and one for both. That said: most of this site’s sections double as a h-feed; you _can_ even follow search results! Moreover, both articles and notes are marked up using microformats, for social readers to do their thing.



Here’s what that looks like right now, by the way. Regular ole’ feed reader that supports IndieAuth, h-feed (and Atom and RSS and all that), Microformats, (user-configurable) web scraping, Microsub (well, partially), Micropub (behind a switch) and WebSub (for now), and is 99% translatable.


If anything, I’d love to make it _less_ feature-rich (and come up with a plugin system of sorts, but, well).


Considering for allowing WordPress-like filtering of everything too large for a `.env` variable.


Now if you’re all like, “that ‘Mark Read’ oughta be a button, because a GET request should never change the state of your app,” you’re in luck: it _is_ a button. That whole page is full of tiny-ass, near-invisible forms that work even with JavaScript—which we use, obviously, to intercept form submissions and replace them with AJAX calls instead—disabled. There’s so much of them that I wonder if they don’t, in fact, hurt the page’s accessibility—thinking screen readers, etc.

That maybe we should just go, “This page requires JavaScript,” and be done with it. (Even though most everything would still work without JavaScript. I mean, you’d still be able to click around and read everything and items would get marked as read that way. It’s just kinda stupid—and not quite “progressive enhancement”—having all these buttons that don’t do shit.)

Anyway, I’m literally just an amateur. I shouldn’t be thinking about this.

Would I want to be a proper web developer? Nah, I’m good. I prefer machines that actually move. (Do I enjoy recording music at home? Yes! Wouldn’t I rather be a professional musician/producer/what not? Not really.)

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