Dangit. Missed out on a really nice vintage guitar. (That said … I already bought two this year, so it’s probably for the best.)

Really nice may have been a bit of an overstatement, but it just so happens that I’m now the, uh, proud owner of a 1962 Eko 500-2V with a shit ton of issues.


Everything metal on this thing’s turned to rust. The neck won’t come off, the frets have popped out of the fretboard. Someone tried to “clean” the tailpiece with a sanding disk or angle grinder, and damaged the body finish as well. They not just cut through the top coat but took some of the color off as well. And pretty much ground the heads off the tailpiece screws.

The finish isn’t lacquer, it would seem, but celluloid, a thin layer of (highly flammable) plastic. The fretboard binding’s loose, too. Not sure if the electronics function, either, but that’s kind of the least of my worries.

Kinda just went for it with thinned down nail polish. Doesn’t look too horrible from the right angle.

@jan Oh wow, this looks like a cool guitar. And a 52 year model? That's freaking old!
How's the sound of this thing?

@ferds ’62, but yeah, pretty old! I’ve yet to actually hear it (and they’re not especially great guitars or anything), as it needs fresh tuning machines (and strings)! Meanwhile, this review of a ’63 3-pickup model is pretty cool: youtu.be/yeElq7kWSH0

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