Think the one thing I do differently is not store anything in custom fields. Reply-to or bookmark URLs are simply part of the post content and easily parsed out. (I manually add `u-*` classes to links. Win some, lose some, I guess.)


(Not even manually, in fact, when I use on Indigenous + Micropub.)


@jan NICE.

I know that David is working on this but it is a sour spot that Post Kinds does need the Classic Editor plugin that will soon be End Of Life so any fresh wind here is good.

@bekopharm Yeah, I think there’s two approaches, basically. (1) Use whatever you want, and add microformats by hand (works with both Classic Editor and Gutenberg but isn’t very user-friendly), or (2) store things like `u-*` attributes in either a custom block (Gutenberg, and probably preferred going forward) or a meta field (again both). I really like using a separate CPT for short-form content, too.

@bekopharm @jan do you know if the PostKinds plugin renders posts each time, or only influences what gets stored as posting at the time of writing? In other words, if I deactivate Postkinds does it impact existing content? Is there lock-in?

@ton @jan both.

There is additional meta-data that a post gets enriched with.

Your content itself is usually not touched.

When you deactivate it the meta data will still be in the database but it doesn't render because the meta data isn't read.

I like it this way because I could write a migration for this. My own texts are not "tainted" so I can still know what was my own content and what was provided e.g. by parsed microformats from the target.

BUT 1/2

@ton @jan there are some corner cases like e.g. photos I push via MicroPub that are rendered like this:

This is strictly speaking also my own content (as in photo) but that'd disappear if I deactivate Post Kinds. I'd have to convert the meta-data to at least a Featured Image or inject it again as Code Block to the article.

So in my case basically everything "in a yellow box". ymmv.


@bekopharm @ton Also, I’m guessing the `/kind/` URLs and feeds are going to disappear?

@jan @ton sure. That is a functionality by the plugins. I'd throw some nginx rewrites on this to make it work with $anotherThing (if I can't hammer $anotherThing into the same shape, of course)

@bekopharm @ton Interesting. Fairly sure my Micropub photos do end up as Featured Images—might be a setting somewhere—and that my theme (or “theme”) then simply adds `u-photo` to them.

@jan @ton Featured get u-featured but this may not be the one I'd want to be picked up as first for u-photo in most cases. For example on this one where I added u-photo manually:

Don't really fancy the manual work involved here but it's for now the only way to get the result I want.

@bekopharm Correction: they do not automatically get set as Featured Images. (I should do something about that!) @ton

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