My feed reader, current status. Just because. Still runs on just about any hosting environment, still supports h-feeds. No Micropub, yet. (Well, Micropub works. Interface still missing.)


I’d love to put the settings and log out links in the bottom left corner (on large screens). And better separate entries, so that I can finally add those repost/bookmark/like buttons just below each one.

Maybe bring back that list of feeds left of the main column, too.

This is where I’m at, right now. Added “unread” counters to the category/feed list, too. Don’t like them.

@jan that looks not like the one I'm using 🤔

Do you host multiple?

@bekopharm I started all over again. 🙂 So yes, there are two. The earlier version is a "pure" Microsub client, this newer one is more of an old-school, integrated feed reader (like, there's no separate server, even though it _also_ functions as a Microsub server).

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