Did I already mention I brought back `figure` and `figcaption` support to my “soon-to-be-social” reader? Makes posts look so much better!


Changed caching packages on my site, which means cached pages no longer automatically get flushed when I publish a new note. *adds to to-do list*

Added a “faulty feeds” route and found one of the feeds I was following no longer exists. Another one contained an unescaped ampersand inside a `link` tag. Made my parser a bit more robust—though unescaped ampersands is really as far as I’m willing to go. Not going to work around every possible error out there.

@jan I wished for a comment field just today 😂

Yeah this is too much salesforce. What's the project name?

@sexybiggetje Haha. It’s currently called F-Stop (after Aperture, a similar web app it is, or rather, was, a fork of). Settled on this for the time being. (Not at all original, I know, but it doesn’t look too awful.)

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