PicoFeed turns relative links in RSS feeds absolute by prepending them with either the site or feed URL, but a whole lot of feeds—incorrectly, kind of—contain in-page (“jump”) links that are relative to feed _items_. While feeds that are meant to be read on “off-site” domains should probably not contain relative URLs _at all_, the latter seems much more common than the (more technically correct) former. Forked and “fixed.”



The otherwise awesome Lynn Fisher’s latest post — right at the top at lynnandtonic.com/atom.xml — is one such example. Regardless, with this change, my Aperture fork and upcoming RSS reader will _finally_ behave much more like the various other readers out there.


And another such example, with (originally relative) “jump links” inside (or right after) the headings. As readers often strip `id` attributes, breaking the in-page links, it does make sense to link back to the original article instead. stefanzweifel.io/rss.xml


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