I, uh, built a thing. Know it’s ugly, still. It’s a traditional RSS reader … that supports Microformats feeds and—for now, at least—IndieAuth. And there will be a Microsub-compatible API. (The web app itself isn’t Microsub-driven.) Runs on nearly any shared hosting environment.


Doesn’t do much Miniflux already does better, but I’ll be able to 100% tweak its CSS. And I might even copy over a bit of Monocle’s Micropub stuff. (Still, almost anyone can self-host this.)


Feeds _could_ belong to multiple categories, it just doesn’t show. That said, I like simplicity. Essentially, it’s a very simple feed reader, in PHP, that supports _all feed types Aperture supports_ (and more, because of a bug in the latter). It’s a _web_ app that’ll work wonderfully on mobile devices, _and_ other, “social,” readers _will_ be able to hook into it.

It can’t and won’t honor all of the Microsub spec. Like, I can’t remove an entry from just one category (“channel”). That’s okay.

Supports multiple users, too, so it should work for family setups. (See why I might ditch IndieAuth in favor of good ol’ password-based authentication? Or offer both.)

Also, it is currently _completely free of JavaScript_. I’ll sprinkle little bits here and there, though, and the eventual Micropub goodies will almost certainly be Ajax-driven.

By again integrating the aggregator/server and client—and breaking the first rule of Microsub—I get to really easily manage subscriptions. I can add a couple extras, too. Like the ability to fetch original articles on the fly, an action not currently supported by Microsub.

I like being able to (use Micropub to) store or comment on articles straight from my (Microsub) reader, but sending links to Indigenous (on mobile) works mostly okay, too, for now. (I mean, I still _have_ my own, current, Microsub reader/Micropub client, and I’m not shelving it, yet.)

*doesn’t already do better (It’s late.)

@jan looking forward to taking it for a spin! :)

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