Don’t really like explicit IndieWeb post types (or kinds), but you knew that. And, the spec seems to agree.

> [Post Type Discovery] helps avoid the need for explicit post types that are being abandoned by modern post creation UIs.


@jan yeah, after IndieWebCamp East this weekend I was thinking of ditching Post Kinds plugin entirely. Mostly because it assumes too much (e.g. I sent a RSVP post kind for that event, with some remarks in it linking to other posts on my blog. Then all those posts got a RSVP webmention.) I thought I'd rather make keyboard short cuts to mark up links in 'normal' postings with the right 'post kind' so that they can be read, but don't make other assumptions about the presentation on my site.


@ton I actually do use a separate CPT for notes (posts without a title, or rather, with a title that’s hidden on the front end), and another one for likes. Keeps WordPress’s admin interface nice and clean. But everything else (whether a post doubles as a reply, bookmark, repost, etc.) is determined purely by in-post markup. Hadn’t thought about keyboard shortcuts. I often post through Micropub, though, which auto-adds the necessary markup if it isn’t already present.

@ton I run quite a few Micropub-related filters, too, that fairly heavily tweak posts before they get inserted into the database.

@ton Regarding outgoing webmentions: it’s up to the receiving server to properly interpret source posts. My custom Webmention plugin, for instance, tries to determine not just the post type, but also _how_ “my” target URL is mentioned. (It’s not perfect, though, and I often have to slightly modify the resulting comments.)

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