BREAKING: I cleaned my car today, for the first time in many months. (And didn’t even have to dry it, as it started raining right when I was finishing up. And applied a couple touch-ups to the leather on the driver’s side. Thing turns eight in a month, and it’s kind of starting to show.)


Got two new tires, too. (I know, I know. This is just a test, in fact.)


Not sure what the test was for. But: so I got a voucher from the tire purchase, and figured, I’m using it to get this spray-on “ceramic wax.” Because I can, right? Now the thing’s so darn shiny I can actually see the ginormous but somewhat shallow dent in the hood. Which got resprayed _less than two months ago_. And that is why you should never “invest” in a car.

That said, we may have found a new ride for the missus.

@jan When I had a lease car and handed it in (2007), that was the only time I cleaned it since getting it in 2004 :D

@ton Haha, zelf probeer ik wel eens in de drie maanden aan te houden.

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