I may finally start rewriting my Microsub server from the ground up. It’ll be inspired by both Aperture and Yarns, plus all the extra goodies I’ve been adding to my Aperture fork. Only dependencies should be PHP and MySQL, and, optionally, Redis. This should make it _very_ easy to self-host. And a built-in client/reader, eventually.

It’d still totally leverage X-Ray for parsing feeds, and use Yarns-like polling—WebSub may be a future option. The client bit would be more of an RSS reader and less of a social media app.

Another benefit of built-in polling rather than relying on a separate WebSub server is that it suddenly becomes really easy to update feed URLs.

Lots of folks out there who switch SSGs and not redirect their RSS feeds, unfortunately. (Or announce the change before it happens.)


@Canageek Static site generators. Or CMSes, come to think of it. I mean, they may switch CMSes, too, and forget about auto-generated routes and stuff.

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