Also, and I hate to say this, comparing page load times for a static site on the one hand and WordPress + a page caching plugin on the other makes little sense. In both cases, you’re loading static HTML.

> You can achieve the same performance by putting a great CDN like Cloudflare on top of WordPress, and your life will be infinitely easier when you want to add dynamic features like a store or comments.


@jan I think the point about that comparison is focused on the technical investment of the JAMstack in contrast to simply putting a cache in front of a stack that’s interacting with multiple other systems. Though this is obviously assuming response time is the only problem trying to be solved.

Personally, the JAMstack is fun to use but I’ve been hesitant to use it for a production site.

@jrtashjian I’ve used SSGs for smallish sites and they’re incredibly cool. I’ve been wanting to use one on my own site, but just can’t justify the effort. I want to be able to receive and send out webmentions, like every time I publish a post, and without the need for a 3rd-party service. I need a database for that. Or an incredibly convoluted “static” solution. If the goal really is “speed,” then NGINX will do. Or WP Super Cache.


@jrtashjian I mean, I essentially get to hand-code entire sites without having to worry about navigation states or pagination! Who wouldn’t love that? Until you somehow need comments or (trackbacks or) webmentions. Or ActivityPub. Well, you can do search, using a third-party search provider or JavaScript index, but ...

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