It is time to consider some standards on design-related class names and provide a framework that all themes can use.


@jan something we’ve been experimenting on in CoBlocks + Go theme is using a standardized set of custom css properties to allow future updates easily. Presets like small/medium/large are much easier apply this.

I do like the concept of a scale factor. Themes could apply their design framework and base values as custom css properties and still be able to dynamically change them in the future.

Custom hard coded values are the problem.

@jan there’s definitely a need to standardize though. It’s hard to find the balance of who and how to give more control.

@jrtashjian If just to avoid vendor lock-in. Yeah, I’m all for more end-user control and uniquely personal websites and such (and even like “designing” in Gutenberg). But then I also like extremely tight control over markup and styles. 😄

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