Turns out I most recently deleted my Twitter account on or near Nov 11, 2019. Two more months!

Should one day illustrate how I'm using the filter hooks in wordpress.org/plugins/share-on to create (full-text toots and) threaded replies.

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I mean, I wonder if ... I used to use Jetpack, to POSSE to Twitter. Then created my own plugin—“Share on Mastodon” actually had Twitter support, a million years ago. So, I wonder if other plugins allow for crossposting complete, threaded notes. Maybe if I had a Twitter plugin and talked about that, someone would actually visit my blog. 😀

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Then again, I still wouldn't know. I don't track or keep stats. (I also don't have book that I wanna sell, or newsletter subscriptions, or a Patreon account, so it all checks out!)

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