Not sure why this should be the case, but I web-based ind…♦

Not sure why this should be the case, but I web-based indie readers (such as Monocle and Together) work fine with my site. But Indigenous won't let me access my microsub feeds or post. #indieweb


@pauho I'm just now realizing that if you _have_ successfully added your account/website, but don't see your (own) feeds, you may want to look at your Accounts settings and make sure yours is also the _default_ account.

@pauho I seem to remember that if you forget to tick the "Make this account default after signing in" or something checkbox—it's really easy to miss—it won't actually show when you open the app, even though it's there.

@jan I think I need to go back to my web provider - I've now tried a variety of combinations (different devices, microsub servers, and login methods). Still can't comprehend why Indigenous acts differently that Monocle/Together.

@pauho That's why I was wondering if maybe you signed in OK but it's still showing the default feeds. I got reminded seeing an issue, and actually ran into this myself before.

@pauho If you somehow _are_ authenticated OK but still on the "Anonymous Account," it could be that a visit to "Main Menu > Accounts," and clicking the "Add Account" icon (top right) and subsequently tapping the "Set Default Account" button shows a dialog from which you can then, finally, select your account. _Then_, it should show your feeds, etc.


@pauho (Just replicated this. It's confusing as hell, but ultimately works. That is, again, if you were previously able to sign in okay.)

@pauho Here's that issue, by the way, and the "Set as default" checkbox:
Again, if you glanced over it, it's still possible to get your previously added account to show up (and make it default), but the whole process is rather counter-intuitive.

@jan That's great, I'll take a look. Thank you very much for your kind assistance!

@jan I've absolutely no idea what I did to get it working again, but it is!

Thanks again for your help!

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