Just FYI: you _can_ use Jetpack without connecting it to a account. You won’t be able to use the CDN, Protect or Publicize modules, but its Custom Post Types, social menus, Markdown support and a whole bunch of other things will work just fine. (It’s called “debug mode,” which is a bit of a misnomer.)


I love challenges, I guess. Been spending way too much time diagnosing an issue that doesn’t even affect me. 🙃


@jan Not sure what else you need from Jetpack, but Toolbelt exists as a privacy oriented alternative:

@boogah Ah, exactly, I'd sort of forgotten what it was called. ("Hammer, or something." Close enough.)

@boogah Might just give it a try, in fact. I'm not typically a fan of plugins that try to do just about everything, but Toolbelt's code surely looks high quality.

@jan I refer to kitchen sink plugins as "all Jetpack'd up" — in a derogatory way — but I do get the appeal of an all-in-one suite for most end users.

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