May one day port some of the tricks I’m using to “greatly” simplify my “WordPress IndieWeb experience” to an add-on plugin, or a theme, or both. Or at least better document how I do things like set titles (yet “hide” them on the front end) for notes, to make for a more convenient back-end browsing experience. As an alternative to Post Kinds, perhaps, and existing themes. (And then make the whole thing Gutenberg-compatible. 😬)



Thing is, how many “assumptions”—all filterable, of course—do I bake into such a plugin, and what do I leave for end-users to configure? Thinking of having the defaults be mostly the way I do things, yet allowing users to fairly simply ignore them. That way, most folks wouldn’t have to touch a thing, and those who are used to tinkering can keep doing so. (Regardless, I’ll be open-sourcing my theme tweaks and site-specific plugins, too, for inspiration.)


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