I broke my (Dutch-language) "blog" over at, or rather, ported it back to WordPress. I think I've got feeds and microformats working OK, and even IndieAuth and Micropub should just work. Thing's still a bit ugly (using a Twenty Twenty child theme at the moment), but whatevs. I'll eventually get there (I think). Also, it's really easy to just switch back.

I've always had oEmbed disabled and hand rolled my preview cards (or rather, used a tiny plugin of my own + Blade template on the front end). So, yeah, this is messy. (I really don't like everything that simply "comes with" WordPress. Like date archives. Who uses those anymore? Or a full-blown JSON API. I mean, I love that CMS part of it _just works_, but please let me define the, uh, user-facing bits.)

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(That's literally what I was doing, though. But I wanna, like, contribute or so, and the current IndieWeb plugins, imho, and this is obviously personal, kind of want to do too much, or mess up the UI—I mean, not a whole lot, but still.)

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These "preview cards" are really the only thing missing right now. Turns out it wasn't that hard to add microformats to Twenty Twenty.

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