May one day port some of the tricks I’m using to “greatly” simplify my “WordPress IndieWeb experience” to an add-on plugin, or a theme, or both. Or at least better document how I do things like set titles (yet “hide” them on the front end) for notes, to make for a more convenient back-end browsing experience. As an alternative to Post Kinds, perhaps, and existing themes. (And then make the whole thing Gutenberg-compatible. 😬)


Always said I much preferred my Laravel setup over proper WordPress, because of all the control I’ve got over the front-end markup, but my web host has sort of made things much more difficult to maintain. And fully custom code’s way harder “to share to the world,” too. And I’ve been way overthinking things—what’s new?


Too bad this got closed. Being able to easily add a class name, like `u-bookmark-of` is a pretty big deal. (It's why I stick with the classic editor's HTML view, typically.) But we'll find a way.

We're gonna just do it by hand, then ("Edit as HTML"). But it's easy enough to programmatically create, say, a paragraph block with such a link in it, like when we post thru Micropub.

Thing is, how many “assumptions”—all filterable, of course—do I bake into such a plugin, and what do I leave for end-users to configure? Thinking of having the defaults be mostly the way I do things, yet allowing users to fairly simply ignore them. That way, most folks wouldn’t have to touch a thing, and those who are used to tinkering can keep doing so. (Regardless, I’ll be open-sourcing my theme tweaks and site-specific plugins, too, for inspiration.)


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