This guy. “This a story of inspiration to help you get through the downtimes with less stress.”

“I Sold My Entire Investment Portfolio One Hour Ago”

I pretty much just dollar-cost average, try to stay away from any hypes and otherwise care very little.

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If markets again crash by over 40%—or more, whatevs—I'm not going to be broke or suddenly unable to buy food or clothes, or travel, or buy a new car. My stocks will be worth less and that'll be it. I'll likely just keep buying the same ETFs, at much lower prices. 🤷 I mean, unless actual disaster strikes, like, to me personally, I'm going to be working for at least another thirty years. Also, I'm terribly cheap.

“Is property an asset you want to buy at a discount?” Not necessarily, when stocks are trading at 10 times larger “discounts.” Semiconductor stocks had halved by mid-April, while their first and second quarter results, it turned out, were _hardly, if at all, affected_ by the corona crisis. All are now way up again. Imagine having put all your savings in a pile of bricks instead.

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Disclaimer: Already own a house. Mortgage, too, and the tax break—not a fan, but the rules are the same for everyone—that comes with it. And _not_ looking to take on another reno.

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