@bekopharm Did you just add recent posts to your sidebar or something? My feed reader, which should only pick up "articles," seems to suddenly also see all the small bits in the sidebar (for which not all [author, etc.] microformats are there), I think because you've got `class="h-feed"` on the body and they're thus technically part of the feed. (Just asking!)

@bekopharm (By "should pick up only articles," I mean I'm "subscribed" to only the `/kind/article` URL, not that I'm, I dunno, actively filtering everything else out or something.)

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@bekopharm I don't think so. More that if I follow a certain post kind archive, i.e., the HTML page itself, I basically get all the sidebar stuff "for free" because Aperture (or any other Microsub server) considers those posts part of the page/feed. (I'm now thinking it may have been like that before but that I've just not noticed.)

@bekopharm If you look at, e.g.,, you'll notice a lot of notes, and even "empty" cards in there. That's the sidebar items.

@jan you may want to sub to instead - without it seems to announce the mf2/jf2feed feed and that is unfiltered. I don't like that. Will disable. Thanks for heads up!

@bekopharm Wait, so you're announcing a "pre-parsed" feed or something? I thought I was just parsing the actual HTML. 🙂

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