Updated to Mastodon v3.2.0 and it's slow AF. No clear errors, so I'm not exactly sure what happened (but I haven't looked too deep into it, either).

Got rid of two thirds of my database (removed statuses not interacted with and over 15 days old, _I think_) and that seems to have fixed it.

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Or not. Tusky especially seems to take a while to load toots.

First request is crazy slow, takes like 10–15 seconds. Subsequent requests just fine. As if the VPS gets "spun down" during low-traffic periods or something. (No errors or nothing, and no obvious mistakes in, e.g., docker-compose.yml, like wrong version numbers or so. On the latest branch, ran all migrations, etc.)

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Seems solved. Web was mostly okay, now Tusky (Nightly) is also giving me reasonable response times. Could be an app update, a generic package update, or something on my cloud provider's end.

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Think we're good. Did another `git fetch --all` and `git checkout v3.2.0` and noticed I apparently wasn't on the latest revision. Ran `git status` and noticed a bunch of deleted files in `public/system` that I think shouldn't do anything, but okay. Changed ownership of `public` back to me (from `991`), ran `git stash push docker-compose.yml && git reset --hard v3.2.0 && git stash pop` (I think). Changed the directory owner back to `991` and finally ran `docker-compose up -d`.

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I mean, more or less. Guessing the ownership thingy essentially prevented pulling the latest revision(s). (This is typical Docker, I'm afraid, and I'm not too sure how to deal with it. I could run `composer install` or `git pull` in a container of its own [i.e., as root], or simply use sudo, and then `chown` all the files, but that too requires care.)

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Sign up on another instance and check if the problem remains.

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