> When [Basecamp] pointed out that there were many other apps—even email apps—that allowed users to log in to their existing accounts without signing up through Apple, the reviewer told them they wouldn’t discuss other apps. And that was that.


@jan An email app is different, because it works with any email account. The Hey app only works with Hey. Not saying it's a good policy, but Apple are consistent in trying to extort their cut from any company they can afford to shun.

@raucao Hmm. Now I'm curious, how they feel about GMail, where Google accounts, including paid GSuite accounts, obviously get extra features over generic (IMAP, etc.) email accounts?

@jan can't be shunned, due to size and direct deals with Apple.

@raucao True. (Come to think of it, Google's short-lived Inbox may be an even better example.)

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