Honestly, it’s things like this Testimonials pattern that worry me a bit. Say you’re displaying testimonials sort of all over your site. (Let’s make it multilingual, too.) You’re now asked to update a quote. In twelve or so locations. (If you’d used a [non-public] custom post type, like [some version of] Jetpack’s testimonials, you’d do this only once [per language].) Luckily, you can now copy blocks around, too, but still.


We were all “single source of truth” and all, back in the day. Separation of concerns, too.

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That said, _many_, if not all, WordPress “developers” I’ve encountered wouldn’t think of setting up a CPT, let alone without the use of a plugin GUI, and would just be “pages for everything.” Build everything by hand, using Visual Bakery or whatever it’s called (and, later, Elementor). A pain to maintain (and modify), obviously.

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I like code. And Git, even though I kind of suck at it. Makes it _so_ easy to track changes (and no need to sync databases all the time, another thing WordPress doesn’t do too well).

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Then again, I’m not even a real “developer.” Just a hobbyist. (Kinda qualify as a full-stack engineer, though. “Mechanical Engineering,” my diploma reads—“Electromechanical,” even. Plus this whole web thing.)

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@jan that's in part because, to be fair, CPT is a hack. It's all posts (or pages, but those are just posts too) with a bunch of meta strapped on. It doesn't scale, it's prone to performing horribly. Not that the visual layout plug-in thingies are any better.

It's things like that that drove me away from WP, there's plenty of CMSs that are just plain _better_. Horse around for a day with contenttypes (and the DB!) in Bolt CMS and you'll never look at CPT the same way again.

@doenietzomoeilijk Nah, it's 'cause that can't (or won't) code. But I agree that CPTs, like much of WordPress (!), are a (very convenient) hack.

@jan yeah, that's at the same time the great advantage and disadvantage - it's quick easy to get something running, but if you want to pull the more interesting tricks, you'll soon run into the limitations.

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